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This year, Cloverbudswill be able to participate in a veggiefruitCar Event. The race will take place at the Swine barn at the fairgrounds. Cloverbudswill bring their completed car and spare parts/repair parts to participate in the event. The car will need to run at least 2 heats. Bring chairs and watch the race! This year, the event will take place on Wednesday, July 27that 12:30 pm. Check in time will be at 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm.

Enrollment deadline is July 1st–Enroll by logging into your 4-H Online account and choose Events. You will see VeggieFruitCar Race.

Awards will be given out after the heat races. The following awards will be presented:
•People’s Choice
•Best Name/Theme
•Most Creative
•Highest number of veggies and fruits used in construction
•Most Unique
•Most Imaginative use of colors
•Most creative wheels

After the event we would love to have your Cloverbuddisplay their car in the Special Interest Barn for all to see until Saturday July 30.

Rules for VeggieFruitcar:
1.Cars are only to be made out of vegetables and fruits, only axels and wheels can be made out of wood if desired.
2.No metal or plastic allowed
3.At least 3 different types of vegetables/fruits must be used in construction.
4.Car should be no more than 10” Wide by 12” Long, no height restrictions.
5.Car needs to have a theme or name, use your imagination and be creative, the possibilities are endless!